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  • Welcome to your London Freedom Seed Bank!

    The VISION of our London Freedom Seed Bank:

    ~ RAISING AWARENESS: Organic London food growers growing and saving seeds for the new London Freedom Seed Bank: a sanctuary in London for protecting and storing our freedom seeds.
    ~ RE-SKILLING: restoring and reclaiming the diversity & knowledge about seed saving through re-skilling workshops
    ~ CELEBRATING: Freedom Seed Bank FESTIVAL – a yearly festival welcoming our Freedom Seeds
    ~ DISTRIBUTING: Free seeds for London Food Growers

    ‘Seed is the source of life and the first link in the food chain. Control over seed means a control over our lives, our food and our freedom',. We should turn our roof tops into gardens which are seed sanctuaries because the seed, it is centuries of evolution, a gift of our ancestors and needs to be saved as a gift for future generations.’
    Vandana Shiva

    More on our About page

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London Freedom Seed Bank Festival – Saturday 11th October @ the Battersea Barge on the River Thames! 5pm ‘til late.

Last year we held a festival to celebrate and recognise those who had saved seed during the year. This included a ceremony, where growers donated some of their saved seed to the London Freedom Seed Bank.  The ceremony was accompanied by poetry, song, food, dance, and of course, the odd drink!  We passed this donated … Continue reading

Freedom Seed Bank Festival 2013

Update on the 2014 Great Seed Festival

UPDATE on the Great Seed Festival: It is now happening at the Garden Museum on 11th -12th Oct. The venue will be the London hub and other sites will also Celebrate the Seed that Feeds Us in other spaces in London and other UK cities…the more of us get involved and take a stand for … Continue reading

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Join us in Regent’s Park – Thursday 19th June @ 6pm

Originally posted on London Freedom Seed Bank:
Dear all – PLEASE PASS ON the INVITATION to your networks! For who is involved in the Freedom Seed Bank in London, for who want to get involved and/or want to be part of the creation of the Freedom Seed Bank Festival (part of the Great Seed Festival…

What is the Freedom Seed Bank?

We have awakened to the realisation that we are losing something of great importance: As food growers and farmers we have lost our knowledge of how to save seed and our crop diversity … and we no longer hold the seed sacred! In Oct 2012 Vandana Shiva and the International Permaculture Network made a call … Continue reading

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Join us in Regent’s Park – Thursday 19th June @ 6pm

Dear all – PLEASE PASS ON the INVITATION to your networks! For who is involved in the Freedom Seed Bank in London, for who want to get involved and/or want to be part of the creation of the Freedom Seed Bank Festival (part of the Great Seed Festival 11th-12th Oct 2014). Julie very kindly is … Continue reading


Book your place for the next Reskilling Workshop on the 26th of April – 10.30 – 1.30pm.

There’s still time to book a place on our next reskilling workshop to be held at the fabulous Growing Communities Starter Farm in Dagenham The course will be run by the amazing Real Seed Catalogue ( who have been at the forefront of organic seed production for a good few years, growing and selling a … Continue reading

Still some places left on our 30 March South London re-skilling session….

It’s still not too late to book a place on our next re-skilling seed saving session!   To book a place email Jo at The session will cover choosing the species that you want to save,  how many to grow,  how and why you can prevent cross-pollination,  selecting and finally saving the seed.   Come along to help you chose what … Continue reading


Our first 2 re-skilling workshops on seed savings…great success!

1st February: Peter Brinch )Open Pollinated Seed) teaches our first 2014 re-skilling workshop at the Regent’s Park Allotment hosted by Julie.  Full house and fantastic day.  We had many food growers, activists, people who care,  and people came from Brussels to connect and feed back to their city.  We now have a ongoing contact as … Continue reading

Free seed saving workshops coming soon!

Happy New Year to you all! We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our Spring series of re-skilling workshops to support you in your seed growing and saving activities this year.  Learning the skills to enable us to  save our own seed confidently and creatively is a key part of the London Freedom Seed Bank’s … Continue reading

growing a website

We are GROWING A WEBSITE this winter!

Dear all – this blog is not sufficient anymore so we are growing a new website! 2013 has been AMAZING for the Freedom Seed Bank: We have grown fast and now need to regroup and create a fabulous website for 2014.  We will move from this blog to a new site that will contain and … Continue reading


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