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The VISION of our London Freedom Seed Bank:

~ RAISING AWARENESS: Organic London food growers growing and saving seeds for the new London Freedom Seed Bank: a sanctuary in London for protecting and storing our freedom seeds.
~ RE-SKILLING: restoring and reclaiming the diversity & knowledge about seed saving through re-skilling workshops
~ CELEBRATING: Freedom Seed Bank FESTIVAL – a yearly festival welcoming our Freedom Seeds
~ DISTRIBUTING: Free seeds for London Food Growers

‘Seed is the source of life and the first link in the food chain. Control over seed means a control over our lives, our food and our freedom’,. We should turn our roof tops into gardens which are seed sanctuaries because the seed, it is centuries of evolution, a gift of our ancestors and needs to be saved as a gift for future generations.’
Vandana Shiva

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Volunteering opportunity at the Seed Co-operative

The Seed Co-operative is a community-owned seed company, producing organic and bio-dynamic seed for UK distribution and building a network of certified growers. They recently moved to Gosberton Bank Nursery in East Lincolnshire, where they are developing facilities for their own seed production, plant breeding and knowledge sharing activities, as well as creating a hub for processing … Continue reading Volunteering opportunity at the Seed Co-operative

Report on the role of community seed projects

We are pleased to announce that a new report on the role of community seed projects in protecting seed diversity is now available online. The report was written by London Freedom Seed Bank member, Charlotte Dove, following a 10-week trip to visit community seed saving projects in America and Canada. Charlotte examined different models for … Continue reading Report on the role of community seed projects

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