‘Seed Unto Seed’ a Purposeful song for the 5th Oct Festival

When we started this project of creating a Freedom Seed Bank in London last Oct 2012 a beautiful friend Caroline David created a song about our Seeds.  She now gardens the intention that all of us will sing it and Be it…to then pass it on…and on…and on…like a Free Seed.  So here it is so we can all familiarise ourselves for the Festival on the 5th Oct.

Seed Unto Seed

In freedom’s name, in freedom claim,
Seed unto seed, seed unto seed,
In freedom sow, in freedom grow,
Seed unto seed, seed unto seed.

From age to age, from seed to seed,
From hand to hand, from deed to deed
This bounteous Earth each season feeds,
Each season feeds her children’s children.
Seeds of healing, seeds of health,
These are the seeds of life itself,
Their patent is the common wealth.
The common wealth of our children’s children

If you would break an honest man,
Corrupt the seeds that green his land,
Then bond him more than he can stand
And so enslave his children’s children.
You men of shadows, you men of greed,
That which you sow you’ll not be here to reap,
Death even now your legacy,
Death unto our children’s children.

You seed in anger, you seed enraged,
Rise up, defend the heirloom of our age,
And vow that Seed shall never be a cage,
Never be a cage for our children’s children.
And when my body brings me down,
Lay me in the seeds I’ve saved and found,
So break the curse and bless the ground,
Bless the ground for our children’s children .

Tunes: Banks Of The Ohio; O Waly Waly; This Land Is Your Land: Seed Unto Seed- Collective singing

Lyric written by Caroline David for the launch of London Freedom Seed Bank may be
freely reproduced on a not-for-profit basis, acknowledge sources.
Copyright Caroline David 2012. All rights reserved.

Enquiries: carolinedavid@live.co.uk

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Seed Bank Festival Flyer 2013

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