Calling for ARTISTS, PERFORMERS, FILM MAKERS, CARTOONISTS, SINGERS, POETS, MUSICIANS, DEEP ACTIVISTS, PERMACULTURISTS, TRANSITIONISTS, INSPIRED SPEAKERS and other CREATIVE PEOPLE to be part of the Freedom Seed Bank POD who will bring the next Freedom Seed Bank FESTIVAL OCT 2014 (11th and 12th OCT?) with Vandana Shiva,The Gaia FoundationFOOD from the SKYCapital Growth , End Ecocide In Europe, and many more.

The creative POD will take forward the vision of our SEED, our FOOD and our FREEDOM to a different level by INSPIRING, TOUCHING and MOVING people from all part of our communities in a FESTIVAL inspired, moved and touched by the Seed and for the Seed. Without the Seed and our FOOD being freely protected, saved and grown our lives will not be ours, as simple as that!

In the last 12 months we have seen and welcomed many artists who have been inspired by the seed to create songs, poems and sacred spaces of celebration while taking a stand for what is respecting Life. When we met with Vandana Shiva on the 13thOct we stepped in and declared that the next big Celebration will be between the birth of Gandhi (2nd Oct) and the World Food day (16th Oct). and that is will be at SOUTH BANK by the river and the spine of our City, London.

Since then Azul-Valerie Thome went to Brussels to speak at the European Parliament and was also invited to speak at the Urban ecology centre (Brussels) where a seed was planted! They will also in solidarity with us and with the Seed and Seed Freedom, host a Freedom Seed Bank FESTIVAL in Brussels weekend of 11th-12th Oct 2014.

So if you are at all moved by the call to be part of the Freedom Seed Bank Creative POD contact us and join our next meeting in central London on Sat 30th Nov : write to us on we will send you more details.

In solidarity! Freedom Seed Bank growing POD! 🙂

Stephan, Helena and Azul
Stephan – from Urban Ecology Centre in Brussels
Helena – Work that reconnects
Azul – Freedom Seed Bank and FOOD from the SKY

IMG_7651 IMG_7670IMG_7676IMG_7681IMG_7687IMG_78182951226193_31fd91ae09_z


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