Still some places left on our 30 March South London re-skilling session….

CWG gate

It’s still not too late to book a place on our next re-skilling seed saving session!   To book a place email Jo at

The session will cover choosing the species that you want to save,  how many to grow,  how and why you can prevent cross-pollination,  selecting and finally saving the seed.   Come along to help you chose what to grow, develop your knowledge as your crops are growing,  learn and share your experiences with other growers and savers.

You will also be able to chose seed from the London Freedom Seed Bank to take away and try growing.

The sessions are free.  We invite you to come and learn and in return commit to putting your learning into practice and later in the year return some 0f your seed harvest to the London Freedom Seed Bank.  In this way the seed bank,  and the network of seed savers, will grow, diversify and able to offer more free healthy seed to more new growers and savers.


Sunday 30 March 2014 10.30am -1.30pm –

Trainer : Jack Astbury,  FOOD from the SKY

Venue: Centre for Wildlife Gardening, 28 Marsden Road, London, SE15 4EE


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