Report on the role of community seed projects

We are pleased to announce that a new report on the role of community seed projects in protecting seed diversity is now available online.

The report was written by London Freedom Seed Bank member, Charlotte Dove, following a 10-week trip to visit community seed saving projects in America and Canada.

Charlotte examined different models for community seed projects, including seed banks, seed libraries and independent seed companies in order to evaluate their success in protecting seed diversity. She was looking for common themes and strategies integral to successful and long-running community seed projects.

The report demonstrates the key strengths of the community seed saving movement in US and Canada, and provides a range of case studies from which food growers and gardeners in the UK can draw inspiration. There is huge potential to expand the work being done by community seed projects in the UK and Charlotte makes recommendations, and suggests resources, for anyone interested in setting up a community seed project.

You can read or download a copy of the report by following this link:
Further information about all of the featured projects can be found here:
If you have any questions or feedback then please contact Charlotte directly –

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