The London Freedom Seed Bank is a network of food growers and gardeners dedicated to saving, storing and distributing open-pollinated seed. 

The VISION of the London Freedom Seed Bank:

1 – RAISING AWARENESS: Of the skills and importance of seed saving; of the issues and actions threatening our seed heritage

2 – RE-SKILLING: Providing training for urban food growers, gardeners and schools about growing, saving and storing organic seed; creating a community of Freedom Seed Savers, skilled in seed saving techniques

3 – PRESERVING: Creating a living seed bank for protecting and storing our Freedom Seeds: rare and unusual varieties, grown and saved in London

4 – SHARING and DISTRIBUTING: Sharing and distributing Freedom Seeds for free to all who want to grow food

‘Seed is the source of life and the first link in the food chain. Control over seed means a control over our lives, our food and our freedom. We should turn our roof tops into gardens, which are seed sanctuaries, because the seed is centuries of evolution, a gift of our ancestors and needs to be saved as a gift for future generations.’
– Vandana Shiva

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