5th Oct Festival

Seed Bank Festival Flyer 2013A big warm thank you to all those who came and shared the first London Freedom Seed Bank Festival on Saturday 5th October 2013 at Passing Clouds.   We talked,  questioned, donated seeds, ate cake, sang, danced, re-met old friends and made new ones, and most of all celebrated the wonder of seeds and cherished the need to preserve their freedom.

Great big thanks go to Theresa from Gaia Foundation for putting this day into a global context so eloquently.  To Caroline David and Brina for beautiful and rousing music that led us all in shared voice.  To the Green Kite Ceilidh band who showed that no-one can resist dancing when a fiddle is at hand!  And to all the Freedom Seed Savers who gave seed saving a go this year – whether successfully or not. This is a journey of re-tuning in and working with nature in a way that many of us city dwellers may never have had opportunity to nurture. There’s always another year to have another go!

We look forward to meeting with you again to distribute seeds on 1st March 2014 – watch this site for futher details.   Watch also for details of seed saving re-skilling workshops.

Here are some more images of the Festival….

seed donation Seed savers donating seed  Abundance of seed  Theresa, Gaia Foundation

Azul Freedom Seed Bank Savers make great cakes!  Caroline David leading 'Seed unto Seed' Ceilidh!



Introducing the first LONDON FREEDOM SEED BANK Festival!

Saturday 5th October 2013, 2-6pm
Passing Clouds
1 Richmond Road, Dalston, London E8 4AA

Free entry – £3 minimum donation welcome


The festival is a celebration of seed.  A celebration of the abundance and wonder of nature.  A celebration of freedom to nurture and grow the plants you like.  A celebration of our ability to work in synergy with nature.  A celebration of the opportunity to reclaim and relearn skills in selecting and saving seed that many city dwellers may have forgotten, or never had.   A celebration of meeting and learning with other inspired London seed savers.


2.00pm  Opening

2.15pm  INTRO to Afternoon

2.20pm   Azul – intro to London Freedom Seed Bank and why a FESTIVAL?

Azul-Valerie Thome: Co-founder of FOOD from the SKY and part London Freedom Seed Bank collective

2.50pm   Theresa – Gaia Foundation

Teresa Anderson: International Advocacy Co-ordinator for the Gaia Foundation who produced the film Seeds of Freedom will be talking about: The importance of seed, how our relationship to seed and agriculture has changed in recent decades, and why we need to reclaim seed diversity and seed knowledge.3.10pm  Q&A

3.30pm  Brina with her new song: SEEDS of FREEDOM

3:40pm Antony – his poem: THE SEED

3:45pm Caroline and her seedy collaborator with her song: SEED unto SEED

4.00pm  Jack opening the Freedom Seed Bank Ceremony: the offering of Freedom Seeds by Freedom Seed Savers to the Mandala and to the Bank…placing them on a map of London

4.30pm  Next steps,  what next?

4:35pm 1st Ceilidh set

4.55pm Open mic

5.15pm  2nd Ceilidh set

5.35pm  Jo: Farewell from all

6.00pm La Fin


JOIN US and Register with the Freedom Seed Bank to reclaim diversity and knowledge and be a Freedom Seed Saver: freedomseedbank@gmail.com

12th Oct:  March against Monsanto in London

13th Oct: Vandana Shiva in conversation with growers and seed savers. SOLD OUT

17th Oct: Azul in Brussels to https://www.facebook.com/events/658667020824309/?fref=ts

1st March 2014:  Sharing of Freedom Seeds and re-skilling workshop

In solidarity!

Azul, Jack, Jo and Antony among many many!


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