Get Involved

There are different ways to get involved with the Freedom Seed Bank:

  • Come to one of our events
  • Become a Freedom Seed Saver
  • Donate seeds to the bank 


Come to one of our events

We give talks and presentations throughout the year to raise awareness of the threats that exist to seed freedom and to distribute free seeds from the Freedom Seed Bank. Follow our blog to make sure you don’t miss out on our event news or Like us on Facebook.


Become a Freedom Seed Saver

The Freedom Seed Savers are a network of London gardeners and growers, growing seed organically in their gardens, farms and allotments and donating a proportion of that seed to the London Freedom Seed Bank in order to protect and sustain the diversity of seed that is useful to London growers.

Throughout the year, we hold seed saving workshops at locations across London to teach the key principles of successful seed saving and share practical hands-on advice. If you are interested in attending one of our workshops, please follow our Facebook page or email Charlotte to be added to our mailing list.



The role of London Freedom Seed Savers  

The role of London Freedom Seed Savers is to produce organic, healthy seeds that are true to type, to be stored and redistributed free of charge to other London growers.

In order to achieve this seed savers need to commit to the following requirements.  If this is all new to you – fantastic!  Help and advice is available to help you develop skills in seed saving.

  1.  To commit to grow and save the seed from one (or more) named varieties of open-pollinated plant
  2.  To donate a proportion of the saved seed to the London Seed Bank
  3.  To commit to grow the seed plant without the use of chemicals and to adhere to organic principles where possible
  4.  To take the necessary steps to avoid cross-pollination of plants grown for seed to ensure varietal purity
  5.  To ensure that saved seeds come only from healthy plants which demonstrate characteristics useful to London growers
  6.  To document the journey of your seed plants from “seed to seed” and make this information available to the London Freedom Seed Bank
  7.  To commit to use the knowledge gained from growing and saving your seed to help others London Freedom Seed Bank growers the following year


Donate seeds to the bank 

If you are already an active seed saver and have surplus seeds which you would like to donate to the bank, we would love to hear from you! 

We are looking for seeds from useful crops (vegetables, herbs and companion plants) that have been saved in London for at least one generation.

The seeds should have been selected only from healthy plants and the necessary steps to avoid cross-pollination must have been observed.

In particular, we are looking for seeds from varieties that are not generally commercially available, but we are happy to accept all open-pollinated varieties.

If you have seeds to donate, then please get in touch




3 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Hi there!
    I am very interested in becoming a seed saver and grower, and have been doing so for years just for myself….I am a biodynamic gardener here at the biodynamic gardens/ allotments in Kings Langley and would love to be more involved….Please contact me and tell me what we can do for you/ with you…
    Yours sincerely,
    Ralf Sealey

    1. Hi Ralf,
      Thanks for your message. We are looking for new members to join our network at the moment. More details here:
      Do you live close enough to London to join us for the workshops? We are planning to hold one per month for Jan-June, probably on Saturday mornings. We are still finalising the details.
      Let us know if you are able to join and I will send you more info when things are confirmed.
      Many thanks

      1. Hi There,
        I wonder whether I could catch a lift to London from Kings Langley with someone as it would be quite costly … but I would love to work with you.. whereabouts are you??

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