Sprouted Words

THE START of the London Freedom Seed Bank:  

From 2nd October (Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary), to 16th October (World Food Day) we are planning intensive actions to create a global citizens’ response on the issue of Seed Freedom that we hope will act as a wake up call for citizens and governments. Gandhi had said, “as long as the superstition that unjust laws must be obeyed exist, so will slavery exist”. Humanity and diverse species on the Earth are being pushed into a new form of seed slavery. In the spirit of Gandhi, we therefore call for a civil disobedience against unjust laws. We look forward to planning common strategies and actions together as the campaign for Seed Freedom becomes stronger and louder.               

Vandana Shiva

Seed freedom is the freedom of life itself – the very antithesis of Ecocide’.

Polly Higgins, Lawyer for the Earth

‘Our journey at Thornton’s Budgens started with an intention to re-connect people with food. We started working with local suppliers, and now have over 30 in our ‘Made in London’ range. We then came closer to our vision, through FOOD from the SKY when we became the first supermarket in the world to have a farm on our roof – A place where our community can touch and feel the soil to nurture plants into life. The next logical step is the seed, the source of this life.’                           

Andrew Thornton- Owner of Thornton’s Budgens

‘Banks are places where we store what is truly precious to us.  Seeds are our true wealth.  Freedom Seed Banks are what we need to regain freedom and the power to feed ourselves from the very source of Life’.

Azul-Valerie Thome- Founder of FOOD from the SKY

‎’What is freedom if it does not include the right to grow our own food, harvest our own seed, and share this most precious gift amongst our people? Laws which separate people from essential freedoms break trust and cage us into dependency. To be dependent is to lose freedom. To lose freedom is to lose everything. Occupy the Seed.’
Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney of Embercombe

Seed Unto Seed

In freedom’s name, in freedom claim,
Seed unto seed, seed unto seed,
In freedom sow, in freedom grow,
Seed unto seed, seed unto seed.

From age to age, from seed to seed,
From hand to hand, from deed to deed
This bounteous Earth each season feeds,
Each season feeds her children’s children.
Seeds of healing, seeds of health,
These are the seeds of life itself,
Their patent is the common wealth.
The common wealth of our children’s children

If you would break an honest man,
Corrupt the seeds that green his land,
Then bond him more than he can stand
And so enslave his children’s children.
You men of shadows, you men of greed,
That which you sow you’ll not be here to reap,
Death even now your legacy,
Death unto our children’s children.

You seed in anger, you seed enraged,
Rise up, defend the heirloom of our age,
And vow that Seed shall never be a cage,
Never be a cage for our children’s children.
And when my body brings me down,
Lay me in the seeds I’ve saved and found,
So break the curse and bless the ground,
Bless the ground for our children’s children .

Tunes: Banks Of The Ohio; O Waly Waly; This Land Is Your Land

Lyric written by Caroline David for the launch of London Freedom Seed Bank may be
freely reproduced on a not-for-profit basis, acknowledge sources.
Copyright Caroline David 2012. All rights reserved.

Enquiries: carolinedavid@live.co.uk


“Afraid that their treasures might be confiscated, these seeds were often smuggled into this country hidden in the linings of suitcases, under the bands of hats and sown into the hems of dresses. Seeds provided a living reminder of their past and ensured continued enjoyment of foods from the old country”. From ‘Seed to Seed’ by Suzanne Ashworhth.

One thought on “Sprouted Words

  1. A great triumph for the poetess Caroline David. Congrats Madam Caroline, you are so great in Poetry. I would like somebody to break for me the meaning of ”Freedom Seed” please. I’ll appreciate your concern. Thankyou!

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